Zaza Lodia





Born 15.03. 1962

1984 graduated Tbilisi Technical University, the faculty of Architecture.


Since 1990 participates (in group of artist's) in different exhibitions in Georgien and other lands.

1990 - Exhibition in Heildelberg, Germany;

1993 - Montelmarch, International festival of miniature;

1993 - San-Martini, Intenational festival of Art

1993 - Exhibition in Paris, France;

1994 - Exhibition hall "ORIENT", Tbilisi, Georgia;

1994 - Personal exhibition at WFP exhibition hall in Tbilisi, Georgien.

Marine Mizandari, Art Expert:
"Zaza Lodia is contemporary man - he is interesting in all phenomena, usual as well as unusual of the current reality. He is attacted by an artistic interpretation of traditional subjects chosen from the New and Old Testaments and saint's lives, abstract images and decorative motifs.
Such a wide thematic spectrum is a natural feature of an artistically thinking person.
The Zaza Lodia's works evidently witness that the cloisonne' enamel - such a traditional material gives unlimited possibilities not only to follow old traditions, but also to contribute to the modern art creating beautiful, human, emotional artistic world."